Contrix Lab was established aiming to become a leading mobile solution vendor under the banners of “Men Crafting the Future” and “The Leading Future Worker Group.”

With the emergence of 3D printing businesses, we began to ponder about solutions help people to apply 3D printing technologies and decided to start a future-oriented business offering Web and mobile solutions that can facilitate 3D printing applications.


The core competence of Contrix Lab is 3D solutions for IT and mobile infrastructures.


○ The Primary Business Is 3D Gallery Cloud.

Recently, with the growth of computer graphics and increased interests in 3D printers, the importance of saving/storing, previewing, exhibiting and presenting 3D model data (hereafter “3D files”) increases more and more. Corporates are managing the generic files (photos, videos, documents, etc.) on their private cloud, however, 3D files, unlike generic file types, are not identifiable from PCs and mobile devices without a dedicated viewer application (in general thumbnails are used for identification). Also, to identify the content of those 3D files from PCs, a dedicated application or plug-ins must be in place, which requires users a installation of the application or the plug-in. This is where an innovative solution may come in, which can allow users to store and manage their 3D files in a cloud storage from PCs or mobile devices without installing applications or plugins (including ActiveX or Java Applets), while offering easy-to-use features like zoom-in/out, rotation and configuration as well as supporting 3D preview, exhibition and share on PCs and mobile devices. So we concluded that the innovative business has to emerge, in that the need for share and viewing of 3D files is desperate as the 3D printing applications are rapidly increasing.

Contrix Lab, a globalized robust startup, aims to become the world’s No. 1 Cloud Service Platform for Printable 3D Models, like Flickr in photos, and Youtube in videos, and thus to contribute the growth of 3D printing industry.


Second Priority is Mobile 3D Scanner.

Development and production of industrial 3D scanners may date back a generation. Giants in this filed such as 3D Systems and Stratasys have acquired small businesses and now offer 5 to 7 types of 3D scanners. However, the prices are very expensive as ranging from $20,000 to $120,000 and most of them are fixed appliances and require professional knowledge in image processing. General purpose 3D scanners are all PC-connectable appliances ranging from $500 to $1,200 in price, but it is difficult to control the PC application. Both industrial and general purpose scanners are connected to PCs, so are not portable nor mobile while requiring high level of investment in both terms of knowledge and budget.

Contrix Lab develops a mobile 3D scanner and software solution that is available on mobile devices, supports wireless connectivity between smart devices, and offers 3D scanning capabilities.

Contrix Lab is still young and small but will become a robust startup. A great deal of encouragement makes us go faster and farer.