Mushu : Dust collector for Nailart

The “MUSHU” product from the “Beauty Ground inc.” ( is a nailing damper that requires little filter replacement.

The “Beauty Ground” is a domestic leading manufacturer of nail art related products. It is a product that uses unique absorption pad technology for skin keratin which is dispersed into the air during nail management through new research and development. In the case of ordinary third-party reducer products, there was inconvenience that the dust was re-dispersed again by the fan after the exhaustion.

The new product MUSHU is a product that requires little filter replacement and is a very good product that expects consumers to react hot.

Contryx Lab has applied 3Dcrafts solution to advertise MUSHU, a new product of beauty ground. The 3D modeling process is performed only with the CAD design drawing of this product, and the “MUSHU” product is 3Dized. We then applied the 3Dcrafts solution, which can be shared and promoted on the web and mobile browsers, social network services such as KakaoTalk and Facebook.

Beauty Ground will actively and continuously utilize the 3Dcrafts solution to promote marketing advertisement of nail art related products. You can also meet on Facebook and Instagram.

Once any product is created and displayed in 3D, it can be viewed as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality like Pokemon on QR Code. You can share and promote on social network services.

It’s because it’s a 3DCrafts solution.

Project Details


Auguest 10th, 2017



Client : Beauty Ground




  • 3D Modeling from CAD data
  • Data Post Processing
  • 3D Exhibition at Web/ Mobile

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