Yes. ! It is available.

You can join ‘3D’ which is operated by our company.

You can freely utilize the Viewer provided after you join.

※ It is possible to utilize various contents such as product detail page insertion, SNS / MMS propagation and promotion, QR code utilization marketing.

It is possible to see 3D products directly on your homepage and shopping mall.

If you click on each of the two images below, you can compare the screen (Before) of the general shopping mall before application and the screen after the 3D product (3Dcrafts application) (After). !

Should I install something? No, I do not install anything at all. Is it hard to believe? Please check it yourself.



A picture showing only pictures in a conventional shopping mall (Before)

The product image is displayed at the level of the photo and the zoom

Click image below to view existing shopping mall.

3Dcrafts 적용 전

Application example that shows the product directly in 3D (After)

3D scanned products are in 3DCrafts solution.

Click on the image below to see the product in 3D.

3Dcrafts 적용 후