Mr. Michael Kim Young Jin, CEO of Contrix Lab, said in August that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with “3Dcrafts Solution Marketing Collaboration” with Beauty Beauty, a leader company of domestic nail art products.

Beauty Ground ( is a leading manufacturer of nail art related products. It has newly developed a nail damper for which almost no filter replacement is required, and released a new product under the name “MUSHU”. See photo)

Yoo Jae Jae, director of Beauty Ground, said, “MUSHU is a product that uses a unique absorption pad technology for skin keratin that is dispersed into the air during nail management. In the case of other company’s reducer products, “The new MUSHU is a product that requires little filter replacement and is a very good product that is expected to get a hot response from consumers.”

Representative Kim Young-jin of ContiLabs said, “We applied the 3Dcrafts solution to advertise MUSHU, a new product in the beauty ground.” 3Dcrafts solution “means that you can enjoy 3D viewing without installing separate programs on the web and mobile, “In order to promote the marketing of beauty ground products, a leader in nail art related products, ContiLabs will use the design drawings of the product as its basis 3D modeling with 3DCrafts solution. We have also applied 3Dcrafts solution to share and promote with social network services like web browser, mobile phone, KakaoTalk and Facebook. ”

The Beauty Ground and Contrix Lab will actively and consistently utilize 3Dcrafts solutions for marketing advertising and marketing of nail art related products.

Mushu, a nail reducer with little need for filter replacement with 3Dcrafts solution, can be found directly on the link below.