3D Scanus Gallery

 We are the experts in 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and reverse engineering.

 for a wide range of products and parts.

3D scanning with high-performance 3D Scanner, post-processing to improve visual quality and provide final 3D model data.

Please compare the scanned results with each of the following scanned objects. Electronics, household goods, museum artifacts,

You can check the scan results on the web as is. It’s the result of working with 3D Scanus Center.

We do provide best quality 3D models

with the best 3D scanners.

 3D Scanning and Post-Processing Examples


Clothing, T-Shirt

Exhibition Center, Cultural remains

Want to show it in 3D, but you do not have the product ?

You can create your own 3D data with photos and images. Please see the results of the operations below

 3D modeling and post-processing examples

Digital Camera

beverage cans products

Electronic Goods