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The 3D Scanus Center is a 3D scanning center that creates three-dimensional models by scanning products, products, parts and objects in three dimensions.

By adding “3D Scanus” unique technologies to your existing product scanning and modeling, you can view, zoom, rotate, and display your products and parts right from the online web and mobile messenger.

3D Scanus Center is equipped with the latest high-performance 3D Scanner, and 3D experts perform post processing to produce the best results. In addition, 3D scanned products can be displayed on the web or mobile.

3D Scanning now changes. 3D scan is not the end, but 3D scan is the beginning.

See how it works in “3D Gallery”.

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

To provide the best 3D scanning quality in 3D Scanus Center, we have a large, high-performance 3D scanner as well as a small, portable 3D scanner.

Select the most suitable equipment for your target objects, and perform 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

3D Scanning and Post-Processing Examples

Figures, Toys

Clothing, T-Shirt

Exhibition Center, Cultural remains

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