Spiderman : Home Comming, Figure

The “Schleich” was founded in Germany in 1935, is a traditional toy company, now owns more than 90% of the German market and 80% of the world market share. It has a reputation for producing detailed and sophisticated quality up to the shape of the hands of the toy character. It is designed to make the user’s imagination wide and wide, and to experience indirect experience close to reality. Using only eco-friendly materials without plasticizer, it is made to be a safe figure product that keeps EN71 and German Burettas safety inspection standards.

These figure characters are introduced online. During the exhibition, we have been offering a small photo or a photo in the form of a magnifying glass.

Now, instead of simply displaying pictures on the online exhibition sales screen, the user can zoom in and out directly in three dimensions. In addition to social network services such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can view and listen directly to Facebook Messenger, Withet, KakaoTalk, and Cacao Stories in 3D.

Once displayed in 3D, it can be viewed as a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality like Pokemon on a QR code.

It’s because it’s a 3DCrafts solution.

Project Details


June 18th, 2017


Client : Nabita world


Demo for Commercial

  1. 3D Scanning
  2. Post Processing
  3. Web/Mobile exhibition

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