We are looking for a passionate programmer to work in 3D!

Guide for recruiting talented people

We are recruiting talented people who will share the future with you at Contrix Lab.

Contrix Lab is a technology leader in the domestic web-based 3D field.

“Web 3D field solution business, R & D”, and focus on technology R & D to grow into a global enterprise.

We are currently a member of the S / W Industry Association, holding affiliated research institutes, 3 registered patents, 3 applications, 2 trademark registrations, 2 applications, 3 projects supported by the Small and Medium Business Administration. We are holding talented people to launch.

Contrix Lab was selected as the “K-Global 300” company by NIPA in the Future Creation Science Department in 2017 and was awarded the Excellence Award in Cultural Data Utilization Competition in 2016, Participation in TechIn Asia 2016, The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) and other leading companies are working on this project.
We hope you will challenge Contrix Lab, which grows with new technology.

Recruitment announcements

The contents of the company introduction and recruitment announcement are posted in  one of the three major job search sites in “JOB Korea”, “Saramin”, and an “Incruit”.  Please refer to each link below and Apply   in a convenient way.

Mini job interview

Kwang-yeon Koh

Assistant Manager, R&D Team

“Contrix Lab,
Where the possibilities of development are endless “

Dae Yonug, Jung

Engineer, R&D Team

“If you have a field you want to challenge,
Do not hesitate, Just challenge! “

Details of recruitment 

Recruitment Sector and Eligibility

[1]. Marketing Planning and

[ Responsibilities ] – Marketing Planning and Sales
– Web Service Planning and Sales
– Overseas English speaking business

– Education: University degree or higher
– Experience: more than 3 years experience

[Preferential treatment] – Foreign language: English TOEIC 600 points or more
– Employment promotion grants, English speakers,
– Excellence in computer literacy, excellence in Excel,
– Excellent documentation, excellent presentation skills,
– Statistical analysis, research professor, relevant work experience
– related business experience (2 years)
– (Officer / NCO)

[2] 3D solution development

[ Responsibilities ] – 3D solution development

[ Educational & Career] – Education: Over Bachelor degree
– Career: more than 3 years of experience
– Technical requirements: WebGL, OpenGL, GLES app development
– Technical requirements: (Three.js + HTML5 or C / C ++ development)

[Preferential condition]

– Related experience: 3D app based on MFC, Android, iOS
– Related career: Development career

[3] Web(Node.js) development 

[ Responsibilities ] – Web Development

[ Educational & Career] – Education: Over Bachelor degree
– Career: more than 3 years of experience
– Technical requirements: Node.js, MongoDB, jQuery, Bootstrap
 Technical requirements: Web service development (JavaScript development)

[Preferential condition] – Building of shopping mall, commercial web service development career
– Experience with Java Framework (Spring, .Strusts)
– Lifeay portal, Portlet development experience preference

 Common eligibility requirements

– Education: Senior high school or higher (2 years, 4 years)

– Experience in commercial service development for more than 3 years

– Career preference:

.3D experience preferred (OpenGL, WebGL, OpenCV, etc.)

Preferential treatment of information processing engineers and related qualifications

.Applicants of private institute programmer curriculum and equivalent

○ Application Guideline

1).  Application Steps

– 1st  Application Review> 2nd Face to Face interview (representative meeting)> 3rd pass notification

2) . Work Environment / Benefits:

– 8th floor window side office (Commands a fine view)

  • 4 major insurance basic subscription (national pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance)
    Participation in retirement pension (1 year or more)
    Year, summer vacation
    Night-time dinner and dinner support
    Job training support
    Folk holiday gift payment
    Individual tumbler, humidifier provided

3) Working area:

805, 8th floor, Hoseo Bldg, Seocho-dong, 2497, Nambu Circular Road, Seocho-gu, Seoul

4). Required Documents

– When selecting documents: Resume Each job placement site (free form resume can be added)

After completing the interview: Graduation Certificate, Copy of Certificate, Certificate of Career (Applicant only)

5). How to apply

Recuiting site such as “Job Korea”, “Saramin” , “INCRUIT”  refer to the recruiting announcement of the Contix Lab Personnel announced.

Basically, please submit your application to the resume management system of each job searching site above.

In case you want to send your resume directly to us, please e-mail your resume to he following  address: with the subject “[Job application: Resume]”

6) Job inquiries: +82 0505-365-1357 / totozul@contrixlab.com


Contrix Lab’s Awards / Certificates / Patents

Contrix Lab has received various awards from major institutions, has acquired major domestic registered patents, trademark holdings and US trademarks.