Who we are ?

The Future Inventor Group

Welcome to “Contrix Lab“, an innovator group that pioneers the future.
We create the more fun and enjoyable world by researching Web-based 3D and Web-based Virtual Reality technology.

The Contrix is drived from Latin words “Concio( the future) and Inventrix (invention). So It means “New Future Creative”.
We will open a new future with new ideas and challenge spirit.

What we do ?

Our Business

The core business of Contrix Lab is 3DCrafts solution business, 3DScanus center business, and custom project.

Web-based 3D / VR

Web-based 3D / VR implementation. You can experience 3D, Virtual Reality, and Virtual Space just by web / mobile browser. Now you can display your products right from your web page in 3D, virtual reality, and virtual space.

Web-based 3D / VR solution business - 3DCrafts

It can be run in any desktop /mobile environment such as Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS in a single implementation without a separate installation program. In addition, you can experience both 3D and Virtual Reality, and you can also share it on SNS such as Facebook, Kakao Talk. You can even view the Augmented Reality through the app..

3D Scanning & Modeling

It is a service brand that produces three-dimensional data through 3D modeling work and service that produces 3D data by scanning product, product, machine parts with 3D scanner.

3D scanning modeling business- 3DScanus

We are operating “3D Scanus Center”, a 3D scanning and modeling center that produces 3D scanning and 3D modeling of your products, products, and machine parts. 3D scanning, modeling, and reverse engineering are performed by selecting the most suitable equipment for your target objects.

Custom Project

Build Web 3D-based system integration. You do not need to rebuild your existing website from scratch for 3D product display, VR experience, etc. Just include the web link of the 3D product. This is possible because it is 3DCrafts.

Web 3D-based system integration

General customers can experience and observe 3D stereoscopic 3D images without installing separate programs on the Web and mobile. Your service provider can provide you with a 3D experience and virtual reality experience. You do not need to rebuild a separate website from scratch.

Web-based 3D / Virtual Reality

As a customer, you  can enjoy 3D , VR with your cell phones and PCs without any additional programs.
For service providers, it is possible to innovatively reduce the cost of developing and maintaining each program for web, mobile, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS in a single 3D production. not.  This can be done because it is the 3DCrafts.

Our Core Values

The core competence of Contrix Lab is the ability to implement Web-based 3D and Virtual Reality technology, and the talent to implement it.

Create technology that can realize 3D and Virtual Reality which are the leading technologies to lead the fourth industrial revolution on the web.

Augmented Reality is possible through the app, and can be shared by SNS.

Contrix Lab realizes new idioms and makes everyone happy.

Trusted Partners

Contrix Lab works in partnership with major government agencies, national research institutes, and companies in various fields.

We are continuing to cooperate in various fields such as marketing cooperation, technology research and development cooperation, business cooperation, technology consulting.