Business Area

Contrix Lab’s business areas are the 3DCrafts solution business and the 3DScanus Center business.

3DCrafts is the web-based 3D and web based virtual reality solution.

You can see and experience 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) directly on products both on the web and on mobile.
The 3DScanus Center business builds and delivers 3D data through 3D scanners and 3D modeling.
With 3DCrafts and 3DScanus, you can now provide 3D and Virtual Reality services without any additional work on the online shopping mall, the online exhibition center, the science museum, art museum, the company homepage, and even  personal blogs.

3DCrafts I  -Objects

Web-based  3D / VR  solution

3DCrafts II  – Space

Web-based Space 3D / VR solution

3DScaus Center

 3D Scanning / 3D Modeling services.

3DCrafts Solution Introduction Video

This is a video introducing the 3DCrafts solution of Contirix Lab.

3DCrafts II is a Web-based 3D, VR solution focused on product product advertisements, and 3DCrafts II, a solution in spaces such as ShowRoom, Museum and Gallery. 3D and Virtual Reality views are available on all screens. If you scan the QR code, you can also view it as Augmented Reality.

You can also check it on the Vimeo site.

Contrix Lab’s Awards, Certificates

Contrix Lab has received various awards from major institutions.
and has acquired major domestic registered patents, trademark including  US trademarks.
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Interview at Award.

Contrix Lab won the Excellence Award in the 4th Government 3.0 Cultural Data Utilization Contest organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on November 15, 2016.
Please refer to the video.

Application examples of 23 museums in Korea

Museum application video.- 3D Online Museum
You can see artifact data of 23 museums in Korea directly online. Of course you can also see it as Virtual Reality.
Please refer to the video.

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3D Crafts

Now you can showcase your products on the web and on mobile right in 3D, as virtual reality. You do not need expensive equipment to experience 3D reality and experience as augmented reality. It is an online shopping mall and an online exhibition hall.
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3D Scanus Center

Products and products are scanned in 3D, and post-processing is done in 3D data. We can produce CAD drawings through product reverse design process. It can be provided through 3D and 3D via 3DCrafts.
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